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How Flipping a Switch Can Save You Money

It’s possible to gain an edge over your finances just by flipping a few switches in your home. A moment of mindfulness can help you keep more money in your pocket, protect the environment, and create a more sustainable world. At Bolton Construction & Service of WNC, Inc, we care about both the functionality of your electrical system and the future of our planet. Every act you take to save yourself on utility costs also means that our world benefits from lower energy expenditures.

Model Responsibility

Using energy responsibly is becoming increasingly important. Since we’re still working on cultivating sustainable energy sources, let’s do our best with what we have. As you take responsibility and use only the energy you need, others in your family, especially children, will learn to continue this habit as they grow up.

Turn off Devices That Waste Power

Did you know that it actually costs money to leave some electrical devices plugged in? Keeping common appliances or devices on a power strip can make it easy to turn off multiple unused electric items at once. Though unplugged lights aren’t too much of a threat, bigger ticket items can slowly siphon energy while they’re plugged in, even when they’re turned off.

  • Computers can use more than 50 Watts when plugged in and kept on.
  • TVs with instant power-on features can use up to 50 Watts when plugged in but turned “off.”
  • Cell phone chargers left in a fully charged phone.
  • Your router. Turning off the WiFi at night helps save energy.
  • Your Blu-Ray player or consoles if they’re still “on,” but you’re not using them.
  • Any AC/DC converter that isn’t Energy Star certified.
  • Any smart home device with an LED screen.
  • A coffee maker that is set to “keep warm.”
  • Printers kept “on” though they’re not in use.
  • Any “wall wart” or transformer plug that is plugged in even if the device is off or no being used is still using power.

Basically, if the item is still doing “work” when plugged in and not in use, you should turn them off or unplug them.

Turn off the Lights

Depending on the type of light bulb you use, the savings can be minimal or significant. Incandescent and halogen bulbs are the least efficient and save you the most when you turn them off. Turn off outdoor halogen lights when the sun rises. If you have a challenge remembering to turn off everything before you leave for work or go to bed, you can invest in time switches, home automation, or light sensors to schedule when they go off and on.

Get an Electrical Inspection

Some high electric bills may not stem from just keeping things on. You may be suffering from a faulty electrical system. It’s always wise to get a home inspection to make sure all your outlets and wiring are in good shape. Bolton Construction & Service of WNC, Inc has been in business since 1925, earning a reputation for trust and quality, one customer at a time. If you need an electrician, call us today at 828-253-3621 or use our online contact form.