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Why You Should Give a Crap About Your Plumbing System

The plumbing system in your home gets used constantly. Every time you take a shower, wash your hands, do the laundry, run your dish washer, go to the bathroom, water the garden…  Well, you get the idea.

While you may not think about where the water comes from and how it gets to its final destination. The process is more complicated than you might think. It’s important to make sure your plumbing system stays healthy.

Day to day activities aren’t the only reason you should care about the health of your plumbing system. Let’s look closer at why your plumbing system is so important and why you should give more thought to its health and longevity.

Reduced Water Bills

A well maintained plumbing system is vital to decreasing the monthly cost of your water bill. Sometimes leaks can spring up in your plumbing system that are difficult to detect and can go unnoticed for long periods of time.

While a small drip may not seem like a big deal, over time, the cost of the wasted water can really add up. Many times home owners that don’t pay attention to their plumbing can spend a lot more than they should on their water bill.

According to the EPA, you could be wasting hundreds or even thousands of gallons per day. Have your plumbing system inspected to catch and prevent leaks before they cost you thousands of dollars.

Improve Reliability

One of the most common plumbing issues home owners run into are clogged drains. Clogged drains are extremely frustrating because they keep you from being able to run water down them or use your garbage disposal without the water or waste coming right back up.

Clogged drains can also smell incredibly bad.

Drains rarely clog overnight. It is much more likely that over time minerals and other waste has built up inside the drain. Have your drains checked for build up to help you avoid major blockages and odor problems in your home. 

Avoid Major Disasters

The last but probably most important reason, is avoiding major plumbing disasters. By keeping your plumbing system regularly cared for, you’ll stop big problems before they ever happen. Whether it’s an undetectable leak that is about to cause a major pipe burst. Roots that are encroaching on your main water line. A water heater that is in need of repair before it breaks down completely or any other plumbing problem. Caring for your plumbing system and having a professional inspect it annually can prevent major disasters that can cost thousands of dollars to fix. It’s much better to perform preventative maintenance now than to deal with a giant problem later.

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