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It Came From the Drain! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

There is nothing more terrifying than watching as a bowl full of (dirty) toilet water threatens to rise up, flow out of the bowl, and cascade onto your bathroom floor. At first sight, you think, “Oh, I hope it stops,” and then the real panic sets in: “Oh, no — it’s definitely not stopping.”

But even scarier than the dreaded overflow are some of the downright crazy stories we’ve heard that have caused these drain debacles in the first place. Here are just a few we would like to share…

Giving New Meaning To “A Chicken In Every Pot”
“I caught my significant other trying to dispose of a roast chicken carcass using our toilet. He thought a toilet could act like a garbage disposal. Yes, we’re still together.” — Julie T.

“I had a friend visit me at college during the biggest drinking week of the year. I took him to a party where he got drunk [and sick]. However, when he went to take care of his business, the toilet was occupied, so he threw up in the shower. The drain wasn’t big enough, so we had to get a plunger and a dustbin to clean out the shower. My friend never visited me again.” — Hazel S.

Salad Spinner
One technician found lettuce clogging up a washing-machine pump — the owner wanted to spin-dry a large bunch of lettuce to get ready for a big party.” — Larry C.

The Hit List
“We keep a running list of all the crazy things that we’ve found clogging up pipes. Among our most unbelievable include false teeth, an entire mophead, a snake (yes, an actual snake), the family goldfish, and a pair of men’s briefs. We once found an entire bedspread while doing a drain cleaning. We still don’t know how that was even possible.” — Paul A.