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General Construction Services

To better serve our customers, commercial and residential, Bolton is proud to offer a wide array of general construction services, including, design/build, plan and spec, or hourly general service work. We specialize in renovation work that also includes plumbing, mechanical or electrical systems.

Our staff have experience with a multitude of building types; homes, institutional, healthcare, commercial up-fits, educational, food service, industrial, etc. Bolton has an unlimited general contracting license, all necessary insurance and a bonding ability far above the competition.

Our general construction abilities are further enhanced by our business roots – P, M & E, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical, all under one roof. Such easy access to a vast amount of knowledge and experience from all major trades gives our GC team members a pool of resources not available to most contractors.

Why hire a GC that can also provide in-house plumbing, mechanical and electrical services?

By providing all three major trades along with general construction, the customer has a much smoother design and construction process, along with, what we believe to be a higher quality product. When all major responsibilities fall on one company, accountability is much easier to manage.

Considerations when selecting a general contractor:

1) Referrals. Ask the locals; building material supply companies, building or home owner’s with recently completed projects, HOA’s, etc. Also, request a few client referrals, speak with someone who’s recently had work completed by the company you are considering.

2) Permitting. Considering a builder who isn’t permitting? RUN! It can be tempting to forgo, but beware of the contractors who do not regularly obtain all proper permits. Eventually they will be caught and you’ll be the one left with a half finished master bath.  A contractor who isn’t pulling permits isn’t planning on being around in the future.

2) Do your research:

Ask what forms of payment are accepted, cash only is a red flag. Do they want the checks made out to an individual and not a company, another red flag.

  • Does the business have a physical location, not just a PO box? Does the builder operation out of a rental home, beware.
  • Ask for proof of insurance; Workers Compensation, General Liability, etc. The good contractors will be glad you asked.
  • Meet them in person. Go to their office, meet the staff; you’ll know what your gut is telling you.

3) Requesting multiple bids is good practice, but be sure each contractor is quoting the same scope of work and don’t base your choice on price alone.

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