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Do you want to know what your contractor does during spring preventative HVAC maintenance?

Spring HVAC preventative maintenance is the best thing you can do for your HVAC system…and your wallet! During the summer, your air conditioner works hard to make sure your home is at just the right temperature. On hotter days, this can make the air conditioner work harder, which translates to a higher electricity bill. In fact, heating and air conditioning equipment makes up more than HALF of your monthly utility bill spending.

Spring preventative maintenance does a couple of things for your cooling equipment.

  1. 1. Helps you avoid emergency “no cool” calls during the peak cooling season.

2. Helps your unit run as efficiently as possible, saving you money during the peak cooling season.

Here are a few things that go on during a spring preventative maintenance appointment.

  • Contractors inspect the indoor coil for cleanliness, and will clean the coil if necessary.
  • While inside, the contractor will inspect the indoor coil and the air handler blower assembly for proper operation and cleanliness.
  • Your contractor will inspect all electrical connections.
  • They will check the operation of the compressor and outdoor fan motor.
  • Sometimes, they will check the system’s refrigerant level. Keep in mind, if the refrigerant level is low, be sure to have your contractor check for a leak, NOT just replace the refrigerant. If there is a leak, your contractor will either fix the leak or replace the component that is leaking.

There are also things you can do to help your air conditioner run as efficiently as possible during the summer, like changing your filter in the indoor unit and trimming bushes and vegetation from around the outdoor unit. Under some conditions, it is advisable to change your filter as frequently as once a month!

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