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Whole-House Standby Generators

When Bolton Construction & Service of WNC installs a whole-house standby power system for you there is nothing else you have to do. Bolton does everything; permits, delivery, wiring, gas piping, even relocating the fence if needed! All you do is sit back and relax. You are protected.

The next time the power goes out your standby generator will start within a few seconds and just a few seconds after that it connects your home system. That’s it. You don’t have to pick which room you want to have light and which air conditioner won’t work. Everything is powered. Go on living like normal.

If the power is out for more than two days let us know and Bolton Construction & Service of WNC will stop by and check on your system; just to be sure everything is Okay. We appreciate our customers that much.

Your generator can be programmed to automatically come on, at a time you set, once every week, run a exercise cycle, and shut off. That way you know it is always ready to protect you at a moment’s notice.

Not only do we sell and install generators but we offer a Generator Service Agreement so that you do not have to worry about when and what services are needed for your system. Bolton Service will work with you and the Manufacturer’s recommended service schedule to set a schedule to come to your home and service your unit. We change the oil, oil filter, air filter and belt and test it top to bottom. You no longer have to remember when and what services are due.

Don’t have the budget for a whole house generator? Ask us about Whole House Managed Load generators and Essential Load Only generators.

Call Bolton Construction & Service of WNC now for your safety, protection and peace of mind.

Emergency Standby Power System Installation

Bolton Construction & Service of WNC is proud to offer the latest in generators, transfer switches, and power solutions ranging from 6kW to 80kW.

Why install a Generator?

  • Continuous and reliable power during extended utility outages
  • Ability to supplement power during peak billing periods with onsite peak shaving operation
  • Low frequency quiet operation for minimal vibration
  • Most generators are fueled by readily available common fuels such as natural gas or propane
  • Immediate response during power outages for critical systems that need continuous power
  • Generator power systems are always ready and require minimal maintenance and supervision

Generator Services

Let the technicians here at Bolton Construction & Service of WNC ensure that your building’s generator is running at peak efficiency when the next storm or power outage hits.

Our Generator services include…

  • Oil and Spark Plug Change
  • Belt & Hose Repair/Replacement
  • Seasonal Startup
  • Tune-up
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Scheduled Maintenance
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • Repair & Performance Verification

Call us today at 828-253-3621 or use our contact form to inquire about how we can improve your home or business with our quality products and services.