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**Special Announcement: Changes are coming**

Over the next few months our Heating and Air Conditioning team will be introducing our customers to the Flat Rate pricing system. After years of performing service work and charging Time and Material, we’ve decided the timing is right and ultimately flat rate is what most customers are looking for – an up front price, before the work is completed.

Change can be difficult (especially when you’ve been doing it the same way for over 90 years!) We are very proud of our HVAC team for taking on this challenge.

Our Plumbing and Electrical Departments will remain time and material for service work. But please note, due to cost of business increases, our service rates will be increasing on October 1st, 2018.


Time and material billing simply refers to charging customers for the actual labor hours, parts, materials, equipment, etc. Each billing is created for that specific customer and what it took the employees to complete the job.

Flat-rate pricing refers to a pre-determined fixed price for repairs, maintenance, replacements or installations. There will be a diagnostic fee to determine what the problem is, a price is determined for that repair, then it’s up to the customer whether or not to proceed.

The Particulars

There are advantages and disadvantages to both pricing systems, and it’s important to acknowledge what to look out for – both as a customer, and our company.

The one HUGE advantage to providing Flat Rate pricing is that both the customer and Bolton no longer have to worry about a technician taking a little too long. Some technicians may take a little longer to make sure the work is done right; since the price is fixed, neither you, or Bolton have to worry about over billing. For this same situation on a time and material job, our staff have to be extra diligent about getting your bill right.

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